The Home Entrepreneurs is an ideal platform and a sanctuary for talented individuals- artists, designers, craftspeople, makers and creators. We aim to create a place where skilled independent artisans- those who don’t have visibility or access to online markets or physical stores, to promote and sell their carefully handcrafted, authentic and valuable products.

We represent the work of emerging and mid-career artists. We are an e-commerce lifestyle store that connects customers with handcrafted, thoughtfully-made goods- supporting creativity, skill and sustainability.

Our world and responsibilities

THE is an ideal e-marketplace for Sellers- to turn their ideas into successful businesses by reaching a wider market to sell their products and for Buyers- who are looking for quality, considered and sustainable products with a human touch.

Our business model is based on working directly with The Makers- handcrafted pieces that come directly from their home/workshops to us and to our clients.

Our Mission

To build a substantial community of sellers with a variety of expertise in clothing, footwear, jewelry, accessories, artwork, collectibles and more. We hope that our customers will value the products they buy from us, consider and appreciate the people behind the products.

Our Future

We aim to promote the work of ‘homepreneurs’ and continue providing comprehensive support to established and emerging talents while simultaneously engaging new audiences.

We are The Home Entrepreneurs, a provider of all things unique to fill your life with joy!

Shop from our online shop to your heart’s content.

Register with us as a Seller

Whether your work is traditional or contemporary, we aim to promote your skill and introduce you to our loyal customers. With zero registration fees, support and education we help you grow, manage and scale your business.