Assam Tiger Chai & Chamomile Lemon Loose Tea

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Assam Tiger Chai & Chamomile Lemon Loose Tea
Assam Tiger Chai

  • A strong cup of Pure Assam Black Tea
  • Black tea with spices is used for digestive disorders, throat relief, building immunity and a multitude of other purposes
  • The sweetness of the cinnamon pieces and fennel seeds complement the aromatic cardamon and cloves perfectly, making it a very flavourful blend
  • Blended and Packaged in Canada
  • All ingredients are natural, no artificial flavours
Get ready to roar! Our Assam Tiger Chai is full of fiery flavours that bloom from an array of delicious chai spices. Assam tea is often produced via the CTC (crush, tear, curl) method of processing black tea. It boosts the tea’s antioxidant content, adding multiple health benefits to the tea itself. This is exactly how our Assam Tiger Chai is produced! Built on a black tea CTC foundation, our Assam Tiger Chai tea is full of masala spices that come together to produce a very flavourful blend. The sweetness of the cinnamon pieces and fennel seeds complement the aromatic cardamom and cloves perfectly, creating a chai tea that both smells and tastes amazing. The tea can be enjoyed as it is because the flavours stand alone perfectly. Alternatively, you can use this delightful, caffeinated chai as the basis of a chai tea latte. A fantastic reason to get out of bed in the morning! This sweet, fragrant tea has a robust level of caffeine, making it ideal for kickstarting the day. Pour out a clean cup of Assam Tiger Chai tea for a fresh, spicy awakening and you’ll be ready to pounce on anything that life throws at you.

Chamomile Lemon (50gm)
  • Herbal blend of chamomile and rooibos with fresh lemon verbena
  • Relaxes mind, body and soul
  • No caffeine tea, ideal for every day relaxation
  • Blended & packaged in Canada
  • All ingredients are natural, no artificial flavours
After a long and busy day, it can be hard to fully wind down and relax. You may have a lot of things running through your mind and nothing seems to be able to make them stop. Why not give our Chamomile & Lemon tea a try? Our all natural, herbal infusion combines fresh flowers, herbs and fruits to produce a flavour that is a real treat for your tastebuds. Using rooibos as the sweet base, this loose-leaf tea is the delicious soother that you need, before settling down for the night. Chamomile, lavender and cardamom work to relax a busy mind and calm heightened senses. Strawberry leaves, orange blossom and lemon verbena add a fresh, fruity tinge to the tea’s flavour while linden flowers, passion flower herb and red peppercorns provide a floral, earthy undertone. This well-rounded tea is packed with relaxing, natural ingredients. This sweet, delightful tea is completely caffeine free, so it is ideal for every day relaxation. Drift gently off to Dreamland with a clean cup of Vedic’s Chamomile & Lemon tea. Let its delicate, natural infusion of flavours sing you softly to sleep.

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