Ramadan Special Curated Edits 2022

The Holy month of Ramadan is the most awaited month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It is during this month, the Muslims try to cultivate a stronger spiritual connection with God by substantiating Simplicity. Apart from the religious and historical significance, this month also bears immense social importance like moments filled with joy and celebrations with friends and family over a series of delicious iftar and suhoor. After the Holy month, Eid is celebrated for 3 days across different regions of the world which is a grand affair

It means some of us may need to spruce up our wardrobe with the new Ramadan and Eid Collections for 2022. We have rounded up a curated collection with flowing silhouettes, minimalistic accessories, and headscarves to match the local style aesthetics. Ramadan design trends are no longer confined to stocking up on kaftans or abayas from local souqs. The year 2014, marked the rise of Ramadan Capsule Collections by western brands which is now booming in the retail category.

This Ramadan, we have compiled unique pieces of clothing, accessories, and jewelry from designer entrepreneurs to elevate your style through Ramadan and beyond.

1. Modest Linen Collection- Timeless yet chic!

Modest fashion is thriving nowadays. Trends become culturally inspired during this time of the year- silhouettes become airy & loose, people prefer light-weight clothes that keep their body cool during the fasts. From the infinite options out there, finding standout pieces that reflect your most beautiful self can be quite the challenge- and that’s why we are here to help you choose from our tailored collection of linen shirt dresses, maxi dresses and wide-leg pants. These contemporary, easy-to-wear styles are made with 100% natural, eco-friendly fabrics.

  • The designs are trendy, functional and complement your form to make you feel incredibly comfortable.
  • Soft pastel shades inspire hope, dreams and elegance! Perhaps in Ramadan, there is an added appeal because of its spiritual feel and calm effect.

You can create a style rooted in warmth and optimism using outfits from our special linen collection.

Modest Linen Collection- Timeless yet chic!

2. Modern Kimonos- Trendy yet practical!

There’s an inherent glamour to kimono- a traditional garment worn at formal events. But due to evolving fashion trends modern kimono is quite versatile and adds personality to any outfit and can be worn in various environments.

It's a must-have item in a woman's wardrobe because of its comfort, versatility and it works well to create modest looks. It is important to buy quality pieces to layer your clothes instead of buying a new wardrobe altogether. Also we have selected versatile pieces that can be worn all year long. Here are a few options from our inspiring entrepreneurs to update your style, just in time for Ramadan and Eid.

We predict, this year comfort outshines glamour in the realm of Ramadan fashion- a trend that may prevail in the years to come.

Modern Kimonos- Trendy yet practical!

3. Humble Headscarves- Classic yet vogue!

Colorful silk scarves are reviving this season, be sure to add them to your list of ‘must-have accessories’ for 2022.

Humble Headscarves- Classic yet vogue!

These images can make us travel back in time but it's well in vogue now- it’s not a drill, in fact it’s back and it's in full swing. Hair accessories have become more omnipresent this season. During Ramadan, few segments of consumers opt for more opulent dresses while others look out for minimalistic head accessories like scarves. This ageless & versatile accessory bestows your outfits with cool, unexpected air.

It has served many roles as time went by-

  • From protecting hair against dirt and head from sun, straight to the glamorous adaptation on runways and eternalized by spiritual belief as a veil to cover head while offering prayers, gave this simple accessory an extreme elegance.

4. Contemporary Jewelry- Elevated yet standard!

This Ramadan there is no better way to complete your outfit than pairing your look with perfect jewelry. After the pandemic, people are dressing up again for social gatherings and the need for our jewelry to illuminate joy is stronger than ever.

Are you inclined towards Gold or Silver? Elegant or chunky? Symmetric or Asymmetric designs? The good news is you can go with anything you like as per jewelry design trends 2022.

Effortless elegance is the game this season and we have selected most coveted Ramadan jewelry edits to elevate your look and add festive touch to your outfit. Our creative entrepreneurs present classic pieces with a contemporary twist and eye-catching designs that bring joy to fingers, lobes and necks. It’s all about finding the design that resonates with your personality.
Contemporary Jewelry- Elevated yet standard!

Another category that gets a lot of attention during this time of the year is- Home Decor. As Covid-19 restrictions ease, socializing plans are in full swing. Such gatherings are anchored in togetherness. A right piece of decor can create a sense of peace and invoke the spirit of the season. We have rounded up a few options dipped in heritage and culture- a hand carved walnut wood collection by Kashmiri artisans. You will gravitate towards these decor items that not only bring Kashmiri delicacy to your home but also infuse a sense of festivity.
Hand carved walnut wood collection

Ramadan Kareem! What are your thoughts about these special curated edits?

Leave it in the comments- we’d love to hear your thoughts.