The rise of Veganism- 2022’s biggest sustainability trend!

Veganism- A term first coined by British woodworker Donald Watson in 1944, has escalated/ blown up over the last decade. With the rise of Social Media and disruptive eyewitness investigations about animal abuse, veganism is becoming a trend for many good reasons like- shopping for Cruelty-free, Animal-friendly and Sustainable products that are environmentally friendly too.

Evidence of people refusing to eat and use animal products can be traced back to over 2000 years when ancient Indians, west Asian cultures and an Arab philosopher and poet Al- Ma’arri were among the earliest followers of this ‘conscious driven trend’ what we now label as Vegan.

The modern wave of veganism started with shaping our eating habits- thinking what is on our plates but soon it shifted to encompass all aspects of life- thinking about what is in our wardrobe? Becoming vegan is far more than what we eat and drink-it's a lifestyle to embrace a compassionate way of living. 

Veganism has become a market trend. Since January 2014- the start of the Veganuary movement, innovations in the vegan food industry have created media frenzy headlines, spearheading the demand of plant based alternatives and cutting on animal products.

In recent years, brands and buyers across the world are moving quickly to join the movement and create a kinder world for animals.

Wondering how you could give veganism a try…?? Here’s everything you need to know about this trend signaling a change not only in food commerce but also in the fashion and beauty industry.

Veganism in Fashion- A revolution in Vogue!

The fashion industry is shaken up by the sensational numbers, in terms of people looking for products that fit in their vegan lifestyle. Conscious and eco- sensible consumerism is the upcoming wave of the fashion industry.

Vegan fashion simply means any form of clothing, shoes, bags or other accessories that were made without harming animals and the entire manufacturing process is actually eco-friendly with a sustainable supply chain. Vegan fashion does not necessarily equate to sustainable outcome but luckily nowadays, there are plenty of materials like organic linen, recycled and organic cotton, fabrics derived from wood pulp, bamboo, and even recycled rubber that can be used to produce eco-friendly products and have low carbon footprint. 

At The Home Entrepreneurs, We make sure Vegan means Sustainable! 

Our innovative entrepreneurs are using plant-based materials to create designs that are kinder to the planet as well as to animals, including humans.

So with this in mind let's look at some of the biggest new developments in vegan fashion.

Vegan Leather

We are against any form of exploitation and through our platform, we aim to stimulate the work of the artisans and small businesses that work with sustainable practices. 

Vegan leather is a leather-like fabric made from a variety of plastic and plant materials and absolutely no animal skin. Vegan leather sometimes also referred to as ‘Pleather’ looks so close to the real thing and is welcomed by people looking for good-quality sustainable substitutes.

Vegan Shoes

With the revolution in vegan leather as well as other alternatives, the vegan products are looking Ultra-modern than ever. The market study report suggests that the demand for vegan footwear is fuelled by millennials. This shift in conscious consumerism is working well and this industry is thriving tremendously via e-commerce platforms.

Our E-marketplace offers curated collections of shoes made from vegan leather and are produced in a facility in Brazil using sustainable practices like solar energy and closed loop technology( where everything is recycled) focusing on minimal water usage and zero waste generation.

However, the entire process goes far beyond just replacing leather. Each product receives special attention and is produced with social responsibility to analyze and make sure there is no animal suffering in the entire process.

Vegan Shoes
Vegan Shoes
Vegan Shoes
Vegan Shoes
Cruelty Free
Eco Friendly

These shoes are made from:

  • Recycled rubber
  • Recovered fabrics from industrial wastes like: pet bottles & cotton scraps.

They are skillfully crafted by woman artisans who are proud breadwinners for their families.

Vegan Shoes

Fashion is always
timeless! Our main preference is sustainability & durability and the focal point is Quality not Quantity.

Cruelty-free incredibly chic bags & accessories

More than ever, brands and businesses are making earth-friendly material innovations in the fashion space. Our Homepreneurs are devoted to creating a more ecologically balanced lifestyle through a wide variety of ethical products to help you make compassionate choices while shopping. Our exclusive vegan bags offer a subtle class and are a perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe. There are so many vibrant colors, unique shapes, all made from eco-friendly materials for summer 2022.

We have rounded up 2 of the flattering styles:

Classic Waistpacks :

This collection is perfect for all your summer galavanting as they keep you hands-free. These impeccable minimalist designs are perfect for holidays, parties or a day out and can be paired with any outfit style. Savor the attractive hues to wear this season. A diverse range is available for every mind!

Waist Packs
Waist Packs
Waist Packs

Everyday Vegan Tote bags :

Now it’s time to bring some life back to your office attire with these stylish and sturdy totes that can easily carry your work necessities. These are made from premium microfibre vegan leather, adhesives that are free of animal by-products and threads that are silk-free. The best part about this collection is that it is lighter on your shoulders and conscience as compared to leather tote bags.

Tote Bags

Moral of the story? Veganism is a trend to watch out for.

And if you’re thinking of giving veganism a  shot for a better planet, we’re here to help! We’re driven by quality, artistry and craftsmanship- that’s our slow ethos. Trying our vegan products might be your ticket to better understand the cruelty-free fashion and  the unnecessary suffering caused to animals.

Stay tuned for our next Ethical fashion guide!

P.S.- If you’re a homepreneur or a business interested in selling vegan-friendly fashion with us, click here to join our community of creative and eco-conscious entrepreneurs.