Message from The Founder

Message from The Founder

Who says being a housewife is an easy job, who says housewives are less talented!

I believe they are versatile and we must change the word  Housewife to Homemaker. I am Priya Nandwani- a homemaker trying to help other homemakers.

My life is a beautiful journey with amazing family and friends. I have never worked before but always had the desire to do something that is Unique. I wanted to start something that is useful for me and others.I always believed in my dreams, the ones I see with my open eyes.

In 2020, the year of the Pandemic, I came across the home entrepreneur's idea while looking for people who make handmade items and sell them from their homes. But it was difficult to reach out to them initially, and later on when I discovered such incredible talent hidden inside ‘Homes’,  I realized that I want to do something to make Home Businesses more successful and popular amongst the community.

I perceived the difficulties faced by them while trying to reach the right customers and felt that they need a productive route to a marketplace where they can showcase their authentic work. With no clear plan, but a sense of purpose- my dream for The Home Entrepreneurs was born. Since that day, I have been working hard to turn my desire into reality.

A simple idea with a dedicated action has the ability to bring about immense change. I have always been passionate about helping others. With THE, I welcome everyone to SELL whether you work in a professional studio or at the kitchen table. 

My vision is to help small businesses grow, that have a sense of personal touch and love.

Expand your business and be THE Vendor.

Shop your favorite products as THE Buyer.

Your purchase with us will show your love and support towards home-based businesses.


Priya Nandwani