Chamomile Lemon & Arabian Mint Tea Bags

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Chamomile Lemon & Arabian Mint Tea Bags

Chamomile Lemon

  • Herbal blend of chamomile and rooibos with fresh lemon verbena
  • 20 Biodegradable tea bags made from PLA (Derived from Cornstarch)
  • Relaxes mind, body and soul No caffeine tea, ideal for everyday relaxation
  • Blended & packaged in Canada

After a long and busy day, it can be hard to fully wind down and relax. You may have a lot of things running through your mind and nothing seems to be able to make them stop. Why not give our Chamomile & Lemon tea a try? Our all-natural, herbal infusion combines fresh flowers, herbs and fruits to produce a flavour that is a real treat for your tastebuds. Using rooibos as the sweet base, this loose-leaf tea is the delicious soother that you need, before settling down for the night. Chamomile, lavender and cardamom work to relax a busy mind and calm heightened senses. Strawberry leaves, orange blossom and lemon verbena add a fresh, fruity tinge to the tea’s flavour while linden flowers, passion flower herb and red peppercorns provide a floral, earthy undertone. This well-rounded tea is packed with relaxing, natural ingredients. This sweet, delightful tea is completely caffeine free, so it is ideal for everyday relaxation. Drift gently off to Dreamland with a clean cup of Vedic’s Chamomile & Lemon tea. Let its delicate, natural infusion of flavours sing you softly to sleep.

Arabian Mint Tea

  • A classic mint herbal tea with a soothing combination of Peppermint, Spearmint, Ginger and Orange Peels
  • 20 Biodegradable tea bags made from PLA (Derived from Cornstarch)
  • Aids digestion, cleanses palate and is an ultimate stomach settler
  • Blended & packaged in Canada 
  • All ingredients are natural, no artificial flavours

If your stomach is crying out for a little extra help after dinner, our Arabian Mint digestive tea could be exactly what you need. Made with all natural ingredients, this tea combines the fresh flavors of both peppermint and spearmint, which we import from Egypt, to produce a cool, refreshing taste. There is nothing more soothing after dinner than enjoying a warm, clean cup of Arabian Mint to aid digestion and cleanse the palate. This digestive tea also contains ginger pieces, which we source and import from India. Ginger and mint are both excellent digestion aids, so together they hold a huge amount of power in breaking down a big meal. The digestive benefits of our Arabian Mint tea make it the ultimate stomach settler! This refreshing, sweet digestive tea is completely caffeine free, making it perfect for relaxing after dinner or just before bed. Give your stomach a little help after a delicious dinner by pouring out a fresh cup of Arabian Mint.

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