Cold Pressed juices Combo 3- Immunity Boosting cleanse

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Cold Pressed juices Combo 3- Immunity Boosting cleanse
Cold-pressing is another method of juicing, where the sweet nectar of fruit and veggies are extracted with a hydraulic press. Unlike other common methods of juicing, there’s no heating involved with cold press - helping to preserve the vitamins and minerals for our body to enjoy.

It's not pasteurized, it's Cold-Pressed to Perfection!

This Combo contains:
  • 1 Immunity Booster Power shot
  • 4 Cold Pressed Juices: Bright- A tasty blend of ingredients ideal for weight loss and Eye Health
  • Immunity tonic containing Orange, Lemon, Coconut water and probiotic aids to boost the immune system, reduce signs of aging and helps improve metabolism and cholesterol levels.
  • Orange Carrot promotes immunity and offers powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Leafy Greens containing spinach, moringa, romaine, lemon and cucumber help boost immunity, improves brain cognitive functions and help in better digestion

Power Shot 120ml
Cold-Pressed Juice 330ml
Shelf Life 3-4 days

Generally delivered in 1-2 days
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