Double Chocolate Cookies 200 g

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Double Chocolate Cookies 200 g
Box of 8-10, 200 grams approx.
With rich ingredients like wholemeal flour and cocoa, it is full of energy and protein.
Servings(20 g/1 pc) Cal:82 C:19 g P:2 g F: 5.2 g
Vegan chocolate, cocoa, wholemeal flour, coconut sugar, & vegan butter.
Generally delivered in 1-2 days
Really good for snacking, and tiffin box and also goes well milk or tea. Cocoa is rich in potassium, and magnesium. Whole wheat flour provides the essential energy and protein. Of course, who doesn't love chocolate which makes it a perfect cookie!

*Not prepared in a gluten-free kitchen.

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