G/F Almond Flax Coconut Cookies

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G/F Almond Flax Coconut Cookies
  • Almond is rich in iron, vitamin E, calcium, protein, and fiber.
  • Oats are again full of fiber, protein, and essentials carbs.
  • Oats also contain iron & selenium.
  • Coconut flakes have copper, selenium, and manganese.
  • Loads of vitamins, minerals, and goodness in a cookie.
  • Essential snacking - Gluten-free.
  • Not prepared in Gluten-Free Kitchen

Ingredients: Almond meal, flax meal, unsweetened coconut flakes, gluten free oats, dates syrup and organic coconut sugar.200 grams.8-10 cookies in a box.
Nutritional info: Serving( 20 g, 1 pc) Cal: 80 C: 10 g F: 5 g P: 2.5 g

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