G/F Raw Granola Bars 200 g

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G/F Raw Granola Bars 200 g
  • Perfect snacks on the go - Hiking, trekking, shopping, lunch box.
  • Organic oats and peanut butter provide the essential boost in energy.
  • Raisins and agave syrup are natural sweeteners so good for energy.
  • Seeds and flax are high in omega 3 and proteins.
  • Not prepared in a gluten-free kitchen
  • 200 grams - 50 grams each(4 in a box)

Nutritional info:
  • Serving(50 g) Cal:236 C:25g P:8g Fat 15.4 g

Ingredients Organic whole grain oats, raisins, flax, cinnamon, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds & organic agave syrup.

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