Gluten Free Ginger Snaps - 200 g

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Gluten-Free Ginger Snaps 200 g
Box of 8-10, 200 grams approx.
With rich ingredients like sorghum and coconut oil these are a very good source of fiber, protein, and carbohydrates.
Serving (20 g)- Cal:67 C:16 P:1 F:0.4
Sorghum flour, coconut oil, cinnamon, coconut sugar, date sugar, ginger and little molasse.
Generally delivered in 1-2 days
Fresh, handmade, gluten-free, no additives, no preservatives. Perfectly dunk-able, these vegan cookies are crispy, crunchy and hard to resist!It brings those memories of childhood. And you’ll never guess that there’s no dairy or eggs involved. You absolutely MUST enjoy them with a steaming mug of coffee, tea or your favorite non dairy milk. Totally guilt-free.

*Not prepared in a gluten-free kitchen

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