Hand Engraved Copper Decorative plate

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Hand Engraved Copper Decorative plate
Are you someone who loves a piece of decor that is radiant, imperial yet extremely ingenious and subtle? If yes, then here is a perfect gem for you. An illustrious hand-engraved copper plate.
  • Not just a mere piece of decor but a cult culmination of monarchical heritage and grand living.
  • Through the product, we have tried creating something that brings back the penchant and aristocracy of the Royal times.
  • The carvings on this piece of illustrious copper is a maze of exquisitely graceful tangled branches hand done by local Kashmiri artists, meant to bring you the calmness of the woods and the brightness of the sun.
  • With a hook at the back, this sun-like illuminating plate can go handsomely on one of your walls.
  • Product Type: Copper
  • Size: 30*30*5cm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Type of Work: Hand Engraved
  • Composition: 100% Copper

Wash Care Instruction:
  • Traan(copper) utensils can develop a dark tone over time and a patina which is desirable to make sure that the pan is in great condition.
  • What should be avoided by you is gray-green verdigris which blacken with time and rust.
  • To retain the shine of your favorite utensil, an easy home method is to stir together lemon juice and salt, rub it in with a cloth, and let it rest.
  • Then simply wash with soap and warm water and dry completely, until warm and shiny.
  • Do not use any hard scrubbers for cleaning.

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