Mecraaz Copper Bottle

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Mecraaz Copper Bottle
Made with Pure Copper in sleek design. Keep it with you at home or carry to your workplace! Our Copper bottles are tested in the lab to meet safety compliances and material authenticity.

Benefits of drinking water in Copper Bottle:
  • Balances your body's ph levels,
  • Slows down ageing process,
  • Aids in weight loss,
  • Strengthens your immune system

Water kept in copper bottles help kill bacteria, stimulate brain cells and also contributes to healthy skin.
  • Product Type: Copper
  • Size: 29*9*9cm
  • Weight: 300gm
  • Type of Work: Engraved
  • Composition: 100% Copper

Wash Care Instruction:
  • Traan (copper) utensils can develop a dark tone over time and a patina which is desirable to make sure that the pan is in great condition.
  • What should be avoided by you is gray-green verdigris which blackens with time and rust.
  • To retain the shine of your favorite utensil, an easy home method is to stir together lemon juice and salt, rub it in with a cloth, and let it rest.
  • Then simply wash with soap and warm water and dry completely, until warm and shiny.
  • Do not use any hard scrubbers for cleaning.

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